Houston City Council At Large Position 1 is in the market for new representation. The city of Houston is searching for a highly qualified, compassionate, and empathetic leader.

The focus of our new council member should be on fiscal responsibility, budget transparency, fully funding our police, and improving flood infrastructure. Houston voters must elect the very best candidate who has experience in local leadership and community involvement. We believe the best candidate is Kendall Baker.

State of the Race

Kendall Baker, who served the City of Houston with 40 years of public service, is rising to address the needs of his community. With a focus on improving the quality of life of each Houstonian, Baker will be an advocate for change and will work to find effective measures to meet the needs of every citizen he serves. His varying experiences have provided him with effective problem-solving abilities and astute leadership skills.

Baker has an extensive background in the community. From 2012 to 2014, he served as the inaugural Chairman of the Houston Police and Clergy Alliance and, for nearly 30 years, has been an involved member of Houston Ministers Against Crime. With many other experiences across the City of Houston, Baker is eager to address the needs of the district and advocate for the transparency that the community deserves. He believes that transparency should always be maintained in each decision-making process. Baker has a deep care for the education of the youth and maintaining the fiscal integrity of taxpayer dollars. Appropriate spending is not dependent on party agenda rather on the needs of the people. Baker will be a strong voice of truth the city needs.

The campaign’s biggest hurdle will not be in messaging and grassroots support, but in major funding. City of Houston elections are an expensive endeavor, and the necessary funds must be raised to communicate Baker’s message with his constituents.